Kilimanjaro Awaits You

OK, so you’ve climbed all the 14ers in Colorado.  What’s next?  How about another 5000 feet?  If you’re into reaching new summits, then the January 2018 Rotary trip to Africa is for you.  Evergreen Rotary’s Curt Harris will lead a group of Rotarians and young women from Kisa to the summit Africa’s tallest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro, at 19,143 feet.  Kisa is Africaid’s program to develop leadership skills of young Tanzanian women.  Talk about reaching new summits!  For these young women climbing Kilimanjaro is no less awesome than the new summits they are achieving in their educational endeavors.
For Curt, this will be his fifth time scaling Kili, as it is known locally, and he wants to share his incredible experience with others.  Next year’s journey, called Kili for Kisa 2018, will be included in an action-packed itinerary that includes visiting several Rotary projects and an unforgettable safari on Africa’s famous Serengeti.   You can see a video of the January 2016 climb at
You don't need to climb to take advantage of the other opportunities.  Those not wishing to climb can still join the group at the end of the climb.  (Two people have already signed on for this option.)   And, in case you are worried about the dangers of traveling to Africa, Tanzania is a very peaceful place, unlike some other countries in the very large continent of Africa.  Reports in the media make you believe that the whole of Africa is a very scary place.  That's just not true.  Since its independence in 1961, Tanzania has enjoyed little civil unrest or violence, especially in the interior of the country, where all the activity will be.  Curt says, “in my many visits to Tanzania, I have never felt or witnessed anything that made me uncomfortable or made me feel in danger.  I'm sure the many Evergreen Rotarians and friends that have joined me on past trips would say the same.”
If you have ever dreamed of seeing the beauty and splendor of Africa, as well as seeing some of the outstanding projects your Rotary club has sponsored, there is no better time.  For more information, please see the info sheet or contact Curt,, 303-670-9778.