News for the Week of November 13th, 2020
Here's Everything You Need to Know...
General Announcements: 
Marianne Temple- reported on the recent meeting of the Publicity Committee. As the new chair of the committee, Marianne emphasized the importance of telling the world what we do. Our presence needs to be relevant, inspiring and consistent through print and social media, especially during the time of Covid. Should you have ideas for us, please contact Marianne. Also, please consider joining the committee. Speak with Marianne if you are willing to give a little of your time working as our Social Media Lead, contributing occasionally as a Writer, and/or substituting as the Bulletin Editor when Holly is unable. (303) 641-0692‬  or    
President Russell Hammond - announced that our 75% of our members completed the visioning survey. Absolutely awesome! This means that we have consensus and voting is not required. Casey Sacks is working to compile the results and plans to report on the results during a December club meeting.  
Jim Kreider - reminded us that December 8th is Colorado Gives Day. Our Evergreen Rotary Foundation is a participant. When you donate, you "Join thousands of Coloradans to support local nonprofits. This annual statewide movement celebrates and increases philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. The $1 Million Incentive Fund made possible by Community First Foundation, FirstBank and other community members boosts the value of every donation." This year, our Evergreen Rotary Foundation will direct Colorado Gives Day funds to the Wildfire Ready Project, the Quetzal Fund, and the Imagination Library. Our club is joining with 28 other area non-profits to flood our community with publicity. Look for ads in newspapers, for banners and for flyers. Thank you, Jim, for all of your work with the Foundation! Follow this link to learn how you can schedule your donation ahead of time!
Bob Rose - asks us to stay tuned for information on how we can help the people of Honduras. This year, they have been hit with hurricane after hurricane. Currently 400,000 people are homeless and 1 million are displaced. The significant benefit of Rotary in situations like this comes through the effectiveness of "boots on the ground." Honduran Rotary clubs are currently devising a plan to address needs. We will soon know how we can be of service. 
Sue Brown - the Salvation Army must scale back its bell ringing program this year because of that Darn Covid. Sue has devoted many holiday seasons coordinating this effort for us. Thank you, Sue! She will apprise us of details as soon as she has them. She does know that safety protocols will be in place, that King Soopers will be the only location, and the slots will be one hour. Yearly, the funds gleaned from local ringing stations stay to help our community. As you can imagine, charities like EChO have been hit hard. Please consider donating the funds that you would have put in that iconic red bucket directly to the Salvation Army or a local charity serving those in need during this difficult season. 
Alan Rubin - has a great idea for holiday gifts this year! Buy your customers, friends and loved ones a season pass to virtual performances of the fabulous Ovation West troupe. They are "really to fabulous for words." Your purchase is really a gift to our community, helping to keep the arts alive during a prettt difficult time. Through this link, you can obtain more information and purchase season or individual passes. Coming up: An Evening of Opera, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and It's a Wonderful Life. You will receive a link and password via email by 7:30 the evening of the release date. The shows can be viewed anytime between the release date and January 31, 2021. Perhaps your company would like to consider a sponsorship? 1,000 folks watch the show every month. Contact Alan for more information:
Richard Toussaint - offered Happy Bucks concerning the fantastic ISC meeting this past Tuesday night. Incredibly, our club has reached people in dire situations all over the globe. Money and food support has literally meant life for thousands. Richard and the ISC are so grateful to the club members who supported the Food Security Initiative. The project has been restarted, as conditions have only gotten worse. Susan and Richard have launched this second initiative with a $1,500 contribution. You can join in by donating through our website's Donate link for Colorado Gives, or by saving the 2-3% charge and sending a check directly to the Foundation. Be sure to designate: ISC Food Insecurity Initiative. The Foundation address is: P.O. Box 4143, Evergreen, CO 80437
By the way, Richard mentioned that Kurt Emrich, our EHS intern, does a marvelous job taking the minutes of the International Committee meetings. This past week's meeting was an extensive overview of three outstanding projects that our club has helped with. Perhaps you'd like to know more about the work the ISC has done to involve our club in doing good? See the bottom of this bulletin. And remember, you are always invited to Zoom in on the monthly meeting!
Family of Rotary:
Our own travel industry expert, Susan Hammond, spoke with FOX31 Problem Solvers this past week! Susan, we join you in hoping for an expeditious end to this nasty epidemic and a resumption of fabulous Endless Travel experiences!
Sadly, we've heard that member Lee Bertrand has just lost his dear wife, Peggy. Your condolences can be sent to Lee at 6562 Iroquois Trail, Evergreen. 
Larry Fitzsimons reports that his son is on his way back to Georgia for a work assignment. His last trip resulted in possible Covid exposure and being sequestered in a hotel room. We are sending our best wishes to him for this next trip, Fitzy!
Pause for the Cause:
Kelly Gant, together with Young Rotarians: Abby, Cole, Sara and Pilar reported on the Evergreen High School Interact Club and its recent shared experience in a "What If Uping" Challenge. The group has taken to heart its 2020/2021 mission statement, "To inspire our community to create positive change."
Last week, they discussed possibilities, then brainstormed... and 90 minutes later had gathered 112 pounds of food and pledges of almost $3,000 from the Evergreen Rotary Club for the essential work of EChO! 
The "What If" curriculum, developed by our own Mendhi Audlin, is an integral part of the Young Rotarian organization this year. Even though it means another hour on Zoom (because of that Darn Covid) the membership is so excited about what they are learning and doing. Club President, Cole, tells us that "What If" encourages a creative mindset, clear goal setting, mindfulness, and leadership. Participants learn to brainstorm together, think about their feelings, use their inherent wisdom, and develop group decision making, with positive action as the result.
The Evergreen Rotary Club thanks these amazing young leaders for their good work and for being an invaluable inspiration. We also thank Mendhi, for sharing her wisdom, and to Sarah Lanckriet, Suzanne
Koczon, and Kelly Gant for their work with Youth Services and these fabulous young leaders. 
Our Speaker: 
John Burghardt delighted us with his years of accumulated knowledge concerning bats. I know, it sounds batty, but those little creatures are so cute and fascinating! ;-)
Some of John's enthralling bat facts:
  • They are mammals and some live as long as 34 years.
  • The bat genus is comprised of 1,000 species.
  • Colorado's most common bat, the Little Brown bat can eat 1,200 mosquitos in one hour and yet only weighs 4 ounces. 
  • North American bats mate in the fall. The female caries the sperm throughout the winter until spring arrives and she ascertains that conditions are right to impregnate. 
  • Bats are not blind and they do not entangle themselves in human hair.
  • Bats very seldom transmit disease. 
  • Most are either insectivorous or fruit eating and some fish. Vampire bats do not live in North America, but they do exist. Don't worry, they usually feed on cattle and other animals. 
  • Bats are related to humans, as evidenced by their "chiroptera" or hand wing. Yes, they have thumbs and fingers hidden in those wings.
  • Bats use echolocation, vocalizing little chirps and waiting for the sound to rebound. A few of those chirps can be heard by the human ear. 
  • Of course bats roost in caves, but also trees, structures, bridges and homes.
  • There are many different types of roosts: day, night, maternity, bachelor, migratory mating, and singles bars. ;-)
  • The bat species includes a weird and amazing variety of sizes, facial features, ear and eye structures and head displays. One looked like Rod Stewart, back in the day. 
  • White Nose Syndrome, a terrible fungus eventually fatal to the bat, is moving this way from the East Coast. 
Like most other species, bats are being threatened by habitat destruction and human activity, not to mention the white nose syndrome. John encouraged us to learn more and to become engaged in saving this marvelous creature. You can learn more through the Bat Conservation International website, and our wonderful local Audubon Society
Thank you, John Burghardt, for your dedication to our intriguing bat friends, and for your fantastic presentation!
Just to Refresh Your Memory-
President Russell Hammond - You can still and always donate to RI's Polio Plus campaign. Remember, your money is matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Contact Russell for information on how you can contribute:
Marianne Temple - It is not too late for you help repackage bulk food for needy families in the Denver Metro Area through participation in the Rotary/MetroCaring Provisioning Project. This is a combined District 5450 club project. Our club members  have the option to go directly to the project sign up sheet and volunteer for a day and time. Use this link:
Wear your ERC t-shirt and Volunteer Button. The warehouse is located at 5200 Smith Road, suite 130 in Denver.  
Bob RoseThis is so cool! And timely...
"The District 5450 Peace Committee is starting 'Forums For Discussion.' The monthly one hour virtual events in the evening are meant to deal with today's challenging issues in an interactive discussion group lead by an expert in the field.  Our first one is this coming Thursday, November 5, on how to have a fruitful conversation with people we disagree with." Other topics include 'Peace is Possible' and 'Unconscious Bias.' See the flyer at the bottom of the bulletin for information on more upcoming events.
Kimra Perkins - Why wear your Rotary pin? Kimra remind us that it symbolizes all that Rotary means to us and to the world. So, let's add it to our Covid gear each Friday! If you need a pin, contact Kimra at
Cindy Latham - Please access and share the The Rotary Wildfire Readiness FaceBook Page. This invaluable resource contains everything from information concerning local evacuation shelters to preparedness crucial to those living anywhere that wildfire is a concern. It is an endless library of resources. Like it, Follow it and Share it with social media, community, family, neighbors and friends near and far.
The Rotary Wildfire Ready Committee has partnered with local public information officers from the fire stations to offer information on the Facebook Page, on the Rotary Wildfire Ready Website, and U-tube. Additionally, the CSU Extension Service is hosting Wildfire Ready seminars with online streaming every Wednesday. You can find them through the Facebook and Website pages or by following this link:
Thank you, Cindy and team, for all that you are doing to help us!
Doug Turner - In case you missed the emails, Doug has three opportunities for service that will take very little of your time and none of your money. Dig in!
  1. Sign up with Amazon Smile. Amazon will donate .5% of eligible purchases to the Evergreen Rotary Foundation.  All you have to do is sign up at and Log In each time using that url/address: Hey, .5% isn't a lot, but every little bit helps us do more of that good stuff!
  2. Sign up with King Soopers' Community Rewards Program. Whenever participating households use their King Soopers card, Evergreen Rotary gets allotted a portion of the 10M King Soopers gives each year to charities. (All I do is put in my phone number...voilà!) For the quarter ending Sept 30, 2020, Evergreen Rotary had 33 households participating and raised $511.52 for The Evergreen Rotary Foundation.  Thank you for participating.  If you have not already signed up and would like to participate, please go here:
  3. This will be on hold for a while...but keep it in your back pocket: Feed your peeps! Doug would like four or five folks to become "The Breakfast Club Team." He needs a break from the weekly duty of bringing in the donuts and coffee. "To recap, I have been providing the breakfast since COVID started.  I buy supplies at Costco about once every 5 months and then pick up coffee and donuts at King Soopers. Take a picture of the receipts and email to John Seevers for reimbursement." Easy Peasy...
Linda Lovin - Linda and Susan Toussaint, co-chairs of  Family of Rotary, ask that you click their recent and extremely informative email concerning the committee's goals and responsibilities. This information is especially important as winter approaches and we face the Covid pandemic. The email describes Family of Rotary, provides an opportunity for you to volunteer to serve your fellow members, and details assistance available to members.  As a member of ERC, you are part of a great big caring family! Send me a quick note if you need a copy of their email:
Doug Turner - Plans are in the works for our biggest annual  fundraiser- Mardi Gras. So, mark your calendar for February 19, 2021!
The sensational return of the of the Wild Game venue and the sounds of Tunisia ensure a fabulous evening. Fifty lucky folks will be able to attend in-person, with an unlimited number of guests virtually. Just imagine the potential of hosting more than 1,000 people! Last year's bash earned $27,000 for doing good. Let's see what can happen in this new (sometimes kinda mind-boggling) world we're living in. The sky's the limit! Doug will soon send an email asking for your help. Go for it! If you have ideas and/or suggestions, email Doug at 
Chuck Adams - Do you know someone interested in membership, or someone who should definitely join us? Contact Chuck. Our club is a vibrant, dynamic, and welcoming place where strong friendships form the basis for "Service Above Self."
Do you need help with this virtual world? Are sign-ups, contacts and information pretty difficult to maneuver? Need help or clarification on anything pertaining to ERC?
Just email us at, or call 303-963-6136, 0r 303-679-4787.
Minutes of the November 2020 ISC Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 6:00.
There will be a December meeting on the 8th. William Korstad will present during the December 8th meeting. He is the only presenter thus far.* ISC will not hold a Holiday party this year.
At 6:10 Shelly Burich and Mike Wittry reported on the status of Rotary projects in Honduras. This includes Roatan, St. Helene, and the WASH project. Food was provided to 230 families on St. Helene through the last donation. Roatan Rotary club has 30 members, and it is the premier community service organization on the island. They fund 20 student scholarships for island students from grade 9 through college. This is a 450,000 lempira ($18,316) investment into the island. They also funded an $80,000 firetruck, a $60,000 water filtration grant in La Moskitia on the mainland, $36,000 Wash grant for bathrooms in public schools on Roatan, a $61,000 grant for English Language education on Roatan, a $156,000 water grant, a $176,000 education grant for St. Helene, and a $170,000 school building grant completed in 2019. The Bay Islands have about 140,000 residents, 100,000 on Roatan Island. 
The pandemic has heavily impacted the Bay Islands. A lockdown has lasted since March 15, 2020. The unemployment rate is at ~90%. There are no social safety nets, and people can not afford food. The hurricane has made recovery even harder. The Rotary Club has created a response team and are on committees overseeing recovery. They helped with communication, repatriation, medical response, and community outreach. They raised over $700,000 in cash and equipment for the Bay Islands. Over 500 face shields were purchased. The Denver Cherry Creek Dental Mission donated PPE as well. They have cooperated with a Food Bank to deliver over 35,000 food bags to residents throughout the Bay Islands. With $1,500 from Rotary Club of Evergreen and $2,000 from Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar (Ontario) 225 food bags were delivered to St. Helene on Oct. 30, 2020. It will feed the island for a month. Hurricane Eta has made 400,000 homeless in Honduras, and the club continues to assist with fundraising and recovery.
They are working on a $212,000 Global Grant.
At 6:45 Heidi, as CEO of  Freshwater Project International gave a presentation on the status of WASH projects in Malawi. COVID-19 has affected Malawi greatly. WASH is working to ensure that health care workers and facilities have access to clean water as it is essential to be able to properly take care of patients. WASH participates in schools, communities, and health care facilities. They partnered with Engineers without Borders. They assess the situation regarding pumps, wells, and storage systems. Then they replace aged distribution systems with new piping, they repair much of the system, and then they educate community leaders on proper maintenance. They provided soap, buckets, water purification packets, and sanitization material as part of a COVID-19 response in Zomba. They also distribute hand washing stations and material throughout Malawi. They also designed COVID-19 prevention guidelines for Malawi to be culturally appropriate. Evergreen Rotary helped fund the Chisamba Health Center in the Salima District. It needs boreholes, solar pumps, storage tanks, and supply lines. The budget is for $17,000. They requested $1,500 and received $750. They are working at the Mjini Health Center in Dedza district that serves 20,000 and about 150 a day. It has no running water or pump.
Phase 1: Install a new solar water pump, replace old pipes with HDPE, construct a new water tank, install two new tanks, all of the inlets must be replaced, and the wastewater system must be completed.
At 7:15 Travis Ning and Maritza Ortiz gave a report on the status of MAIA in Guatemala. COVID-19 has affected Guatemala severely, and the poor and marginalized were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Indigenous women were especially harmed. Educating women and girls creates jobs, increases GDP, and benefits every single area of development in a nation. The girl pioneers all can go virtual and be educated by their mentors. Even their parents have been participating in the online workshops with their daughters. The girl pioneers and mentors have been providing books, educating people on COVID-19 prevention, fighting malnutrition, and assisting vulnerable families. They are using their access to technology to project their voices in their communities. They have been in online interviews and forums and making themselves heard.
Fundraising opportunities for Rotary projects was discussed. Most projects could use more money to fight food insecurity in the coming months. The devastation in Central America due to the hurricane and flooding was discussed as well as the situation of the many workers who are locked down without aid.
Those present: Bob Rose, Shelley Burich, Ted Ning, Jon and Barbara Wingate, Marcia Walsh, Rocco Dodson, Mike Wittry, Al Steger, Richard and Susan Toussaint, Jim Kreider, Pat Hagan, Heidi, Maritza Ortiz, Travis Ning, Hanna Holt, Kurt Emrich.
Submitted by, 
Kurt Emrich
*We now have 4 speakers scheduled.