Feb 09, 2018 7:00 AM
Captain Del Kleinschmidt, JEFCO Sheriff's Dept
Our safety in Evergreen and what to watch out for.
He  will be speaking about "How to be Safe in Evergreen and Trends to watch out for in our Community"
Patrol Captain Del Kleinschmidt is a dedicated Officer who has made a very positive impact in both Jefferson County and the Jeffco County Sheriff's Office.  He was selected in 2016 by the FBI to attend their 10-week executive leadership development course.

Captain Kleinschmidt joined 213 proven law enforcement leaders from 21 international countries, 47 states, four military organizations, and eight federal civilian agencies for the 264th session of the FBI National Academy.

The advanced academic and physical training included the topics of executive leadership, terrorism, organizational development and media relations. Officer wellness and fitness also played an important part in the daily regimen.
Due to the important nature of Captain Kleinschmidts program for all of us law abiding Rotarian's we are considering issuing arrest warrants for any of our club members who are not in attendance for his program.  John Wingate has requested that all Rotarian's (including himself) that do get arrested be released in time for our Mardi Gras party:)