2021 Legacy Project

Rotary Club of Evergreen
2021 Legacy Project Plan
Effective July 15, 2021
(Click here for the MS Word version of the 2021 Legacy Project application)
A Committee was formed to develop and implement a plan to solicit and evaluate potential large “Legacy” projects to benefit the Evergreen community and then oversee the process through the final selection of the project.
The members of the 2021 RCE Legacy Committee (LC) are:
  • • Curt Harris, LC Chair (non-voting)
  • • Bob Bradley
  • • Larry Caine
  • • Jim Kreider
  • • Linda Lovin
  • • Kimra Perkins
  • • Dale Schlinsog
  • • Bob Wallace
Reasons for Doing a Legacy Project
The Rotary Club of Evergreen (RCE) desires to consider another Legacy Project for two main reasons:
  • To provide a significant benefit to the members of the community and make the Evergreen community an even better place to live.
  • To increase the community’s awareness of the Rotary Club of Evergreen, which will increase the prestige of the RCE that will help in its fundraising efforts and aid in the recruitment of new, effective club members.
Criteria Used to Evaluate Proposals
We will be evaluating proposals according to the following criteria:
  • The project must primarily benefit the Evergreen community, but can provide a benefit to other mountain communities as well. No international projects or those primarily benefiting other non-local communities will be considered.
  • Projects must be consistent with the philosophy and practices of Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Evergreen.
  • The minimum amount of a proposed project is $25,000. Larger projects are encouraged, but must include a plan to raise the additional funds. Those projects where the partnering organization(s) will contribute significant resources and/or volunteers will be considered more favorably.
  • Projects must provide a long-lasting benefit or service to the Evergreen community. Projects that will provide operating expenses or deemed to have a short-term nature will not be considered.
  • Projects must be economically sustainable. Proposals must address sustainability and those with the greatest likelihood of long-term economic sustainability will be given more favorable consideration.
  • Projects may be conducted in partnership with one or more local non-profit or governmental organizations.
  • Projects which will benefit the greatest number of community members will be considered most favorably.
  • Projects should include a plan to provide recognition to the RCE. Those projects which provide the most recognition to the RCE will be considered more favorably.
Projected Legacy Project Timeline
June 4 First meeting of the LC
July 15 Plan Presented to RCE Board for approval
July 23 Announce the plan to the RCE membership
October 15 Deadline for submission of proposals
December 15 Final three projects are selected
January 7 Presentations to the RCE membership and membership votes
After January 7 Implementation
Development of the Plan
This Project Plan was based upon the Plan developed for the 2015 Legacy Project. Some minor changes in wording were made. However, one major change from the 2015 Plan was the elimination of the direct appeal to the community’s residence and non-profit organizations. After discussion at the initial LC meeting, it was decided that process was marginally effective and resulted in numerous proposals that simply did not qualify under the criteria. Therefore, this plan now requires the submission of proposals only from members of the RCE.
Soliciting Proposals from Club Members
Unlike the previous Legacy Project Plan implemented in 2015, the LC determined that we will solicit proposals only from RCE members who were in good standing as of July 15, 2021.
Under this plan, a proposal must be submitted by a member of the RCE who will serve as the “Project Champion”. The Project Champion will be responsible for: 1.) submission of the proposal; 2.) answer any questions and provide clarification to the LC; and 3.) if selected, be involved in the implementation of the project.
To ensure we approve the best project for our community, RCE members will be responsible for publicizing the program and to investigate potential projects for consideration under this Plan.
Submission of Proposals
All proposals must be submitted electronically by the Project Champion using only the form available on the RCE web site, a copy which is Exhibit A. An email address for submission of proposals is provided on the form.
Evaluation of Proposals
After the deadline for submission (October 15th), the LC will meet and discuss each of the proposals. Each proposal will be analyzed and found:
  • Not qualified and no longer considered
  • May qualify with further clarification. The LC will request additional information and/or submit questions to the Project Champion
  • Qualifies under the criteria and merits further consideration
Once all qualifying proposals are considered complete, the LC will review those proposals with the goal of identifying the three most-deserving as finalists. The LC may conduct phone or personal interviews with the applicants, if it deems that necessary to make an informed decision. The LC also reserves the ability to select more or less than three projects if the members of the LC believe that to be in the best interest of the RCE and the community.
Presentations and Member Voting
Presentations to the RCE membership and voting shall be processed as follows:
  • Approximately one week prior to the January7, 2022 RCE meeting where all projects have been scheduled to make a presentation to the general club membership, the LC will send an email to all club members. This email will include the established criteria for projects, copies of all finalist’s project proposals and a ballot.
  • A similar email will be sent out to all RCE members the day of the presentation reminding members to vote if they did not attend the meeting.
  • Each finalist will be asked to make a short (ten minutes or less) presentation at a January meeting.
  • The LC may issue a third email to the membership after the presentation meeting, if deemed necessary.
  • Ballots will begin to be accepted after the first email is issued. Members will be asked to vote at the presentation meeting. Ballots will also be accepted through Wednesday after the presentation meeting and those received after that date will not be accepted or counted.
  • RCE members will be able to submit paper ballots or ballots via email.
  • Votes will be tallied by members of the LC and the winner announced at the following RCE meeting.
On the ballots, members will be asked to rate their choices in order of preference (1st, 2nd or 3rd). If no one project gets a majority of “1”s, then the votes of the least popular project (the one with the fewest “1”s) will be reallocated to the remaining projects based on the voter’s second choice.
Supervision of the Project
Based on which project is selected, the LC will request the RCE Board designate the Project Champion and one or more of its other club members to supervise the implementation and completion of the Legacy Project.
Exhibit A
To: Evergreen Rotary Foundation
Subject: (Name of the project)
Amount requested: (minimum $25,000)
When funds are needed:
General description of project:
What or who will be the primary beneficiary of the project?
How will the project provide community visibility to Rotary?
Is Rotary volunteer labor involved to complete the project?
Which other non-profit or service organizations will be involved in the project?
Will the project require any ongoing service of volunteers?
Will the project require any ongoing financial commitment?
What is the projected time schedule from start to finish?
Does this project have any possible ongoing liability concerns?
Please provide the budget and identify any other sources of funds.
Evergreen Rotary Project Champion:
Funds to be issued to: Name:
Respectfully submitted for approval by:__________________________________________
NOTE: Please download and expand the questions to the space you require for a complete response. Please submit by October 15, 2021 to legacy@evergreenrotary.org.