Our Leaders
Club Leadership 2021-2022
Board of Directors
                President                                                                                                            Marianne Temple
                President-Elect                                                                                                  Kay D’Evelyn LaMontagne
                Secretary                                                                                                            Alan Rubin
                Assistant Secretary*                                                                                        Greg Meyer
                Treasurer                                                                                                           John Seevers
                Sergeants at Arms                                                                                            Doug Griffin & Janie Meyers
                Past President                                                                                                   Russell Hammond
                Foundation President                                                                                       Ron Larson
                Club Service Committee Chair                                                                       Adrian Stone
                Community Service Committee Chairs                                                         Sue Brown & Rita Carver
                International Service Committee Chairs                                                       John Wingate & Nikki Chodur
                Vocational Service Committee Chair                                                             Davis Linden
                Youth Services Committee Chairs                                                                  Judy Constantine & Kelly Gant   
                Membership Committee Chair                                                                        Chuck Adams
                Publicity Committee Chair                                                                               Mindy Hanson
                Member at Large                                                                                                Greg Meyer
                (*Non-Voting Position)
Standing Committees
Club Service Committee
                Chair                                                                                                                  Adrian Stone     
                Program Speakers                                                                                           Linda Lovin & Jack Stapleton
                Meeting Hospitality                                                                                         Paolo Bacchiarello
                Meeting Technology                                                                                       Russell Hammond
                Club Dinner Events                                                                                          Brenda Jansen
                Rowdy Rotarian Events                                                                                  Bill Manning
                Fellowship MC’s                                                                                               Todd Bastian & John Wingate
                Family of Rotary                                                                                               Rita Carver & Anna Harry
                Rotary Book Club                                                                                             Mary Sharon
                Dine Around Events                                                                                         Rita Carver
Community Service Committee
                Chair                                                                                                                    Sue Brown
                Assistant Chair                                                                                                  Rita Carver
                CDOT Adopt-A-Highway/Road Warriors                                                        Dale Schlinsog
                ECHO Food Drives                                                                                             Rita Carver
                Imagination Library                                                                                          Sarah Lanckriet
                Mountain Backpacks                                                                                       Paul Collings
                Rotary Recycle Day                                                                                           Alan Rubin
                Rotary Wildfire Ready                                                                                       Cindy Latham
                Salvation Army Bell Ringing                                                                            Sue Brown
International Service Committee
                Chairs                                                                                                                  John Wingate & Nikki Chodur
                Quetzal University Fund                                                                                   Al Steger
                WASH Symposium                                                                                            Bob Rose & Patrice Henning       
Vocational Service Committee
                Chair                                                                                                                      Davis Linden     
Youth Services Committee
                Chairs                                                                                                                    Judy Constantine & Kelly Gant
                Young Rotary (Interact)                                                                                      Sarah Lanckriet
                RYLA                                                                                                                      Bill Manning
                Young RYLA                                                                                                          Kay D’Evelyn LaMontagne
                Youth Exchange                                                                                                   Scott White & Barbara Wingate         
Membership Committee
                Chair                                                                                                                      Chuck Adams
                New Members Coach                                                                                         Holly Brekke
Publicity Committee
                Chair                                                                                                                      Mindy Hanson
                Print Media                                                                                                           Tim Grace
                Social Media                                                                                                         Mindy Hanson
                Photographer                                                                                                       Carolyn Alexander
                Club Bulletins                                                                                                       Bob Wallace & Al Steger
                Webmaster                                                                                                           Jack Stapleton
Fundraising Committee
                Mardi Gras Event                                                                                                Doug Turner & Lori Carpenter   
                Sponsorship Program                                                                                        Tim Grace & Linda McConnell
                King Soopers Rewards Program                                                                      Tim Eagan
Ad Hoc Committees
                Grants Liaison                                                                                                    Ted Ning
                District Awards/Recognition                                                                            Kay D’Evelyn LaMontagne
                Legacy Project Chair                                                                                          Curt Harris
                Peacebuilder Committee Chair                                                                        Bob Rose