Are you looking for fellow members who enjoy doing the same things you do, or perhaps wanting to try something different and just looking for someone to try it with?  Then this is the place for you. 
What is the Interest Groups page?
This page is a new feature of the Rotary Club of Evergreen website to connect members who enjoy doing the same things socially.  Whether its discussing good books, hiking, golf, dining, playing card games, or any other activity, you can connect here.  It was created in response to feedback we received from members following the Vision 2021 exercise in August 2016.
How does it work?
Listed on the left are potential interest groups.  Many more are possible.  (For now, only the Book Discussion Group, Downhill Skiing Group, and Games & Cards Group pages are active.)  Click on the link to see that group's page with a description of the group, the group leader's name and contact information, a membership list, and information about the frequency of get-togethers, current activities, etc.  To join a group or to get more information, simply contact the group leader using the contact information provided.
These groups are intended to be ad-hoc, self-managed groups.  The person forming the group is expected to serve as group leader, at least until the group is up and running.  After that, the group can choose its own leader.  Each group will be responsible for deciding what to do and how often to do it.  The page will be maintained by the group, not by the webmaster.
How do I form a group?
If you have an idea for a group, contact one of our Webmasters, Jack Singleton, Mike Giller, or Russell Hammond.  They will be glad to set up a page for your group and link it to this main Interest Groups page.  They will also create a custom email group within ClubRunner to make it easy to communicate with members of the group as they are added.   Finally, they will provide instructions on how to maintain the page and the custom email group.  After that, it's up to you.  Go forth and have fun!