The Rotary Club of Evergreen maintains a very active Membership Committee.  The Committee is responsible for recruiting, inducting and the development of new members.  Each new member is assigned a sponsor and a mentor.  The sponsor is usually the member who introduced the new member to the Club, while the mentor can be any member who has the time to work with them, answer their questions, and guide them through the first few months of membership. 
A key component of new member development is the Club's Red Badge Program.  New members receive an orientation and then must satisfy a series of requirements to ensure they are familiar with all aspects of the club and the opportunities to serve.  New members are expected to participate in at least one of the Club's many committees.  Each new member proceeds through the Red Badge Program at his or her own pace, but the time period for completing the requirements is typically about three to four months.  For more information about the Red Badge Program and mentor responsibilities, click the links at the left.
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