Jan 05, 2018 7:00 AM
Chuck Adams
Aerial Drones
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is ready for the new year!  Our speaker this week, to kick off 2018, is Chuck Adams with 3D Memory Maker of 1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc.  Chuck will be speaking on drones, drone technology and the many ways they are utilized now and what is coming in the future. 
Also, if the weather holds he will take us outside and give us an aerial demonstration AS WELL AS TAKE AN AERIAL PICTURE OF OUR ROTARY CLUB…SO EVERYONE NEEDS TO ATTEND!
Please see Chuck Adams Bio below...
1UP Aerial Drone Services, Inc., headquartered in scenic Golden, Colorado, provides aerial services to a wide range of industries including engineering, commercial real estate, land development, construction, insurance, forensic science, surveying, and heavy industry utilities.
Mr. Adams serves as Land Liberator and 3D Memory Maker, aka 1UP CEO, FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot, and tenured IT, Cloud industry veteran who spent 25 years in the high-tech industry.
We see the intersection of what leading edge companies can do with unmanned aircraft and the “industrial strength, information gatherers” that drones represent.  Combine drones with aerial inspection, orthomosaic photos, videos, 3D modeling, GIS software, and we see our clients get extremely excited about the opportunity to integrate these new, state of the art, aerial services into their business processes.  For example, HDR Engineering recently contracted 1UP to provide timely, cost effective, marketing photos for a 9 mile stretch of I-70 for an expansion pursuit.  Historically the project would have required an expensive helicopter, or fixed wing aircraft, months of scheduling and coordination.  1UP accomplished the mission in 1 week from contract authorization to finished delivery of the photographs. 
Frequently companies are also looking for new state of the art data acquisition, “actionable intelligence” solutions. 1UP combines drone flights, 3D Models, and GIS information over large commercial tracts of land to provide city planning, due diligence, surveying, inventory/stockpile measurements (volume, cut, fill), water rights management, and “voila” we create robust 3D GIS models from the raw land.   These models provide companies a revolutionary new business decision making capability at 80% less cost than traditional methods.
Mr. Adams is a well-respected, engaging speaker on Emerging Technology, Cloud, and IoT (Internet of Things).  When Chuck is not running 1UP, and flying drones you will find him skiing, on the racquetball court, or hiking the outdoors with his 2 dogs Scout and Caymus.   He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas and is married to Kimberly.  They have 3 daughters, 1 son, and 3 grandchildren.